They have a good health and wellness program at our hospital.

My husband was told that he needed to get into a health and wellness program by this insurance company.

The company he works for, had insurance on all of their employees and they had one free annual physical that was mandated.

Every year, the insurance company seems to come up with a new program that nearly every employee is expected to join. Of course, the membership to a gym, or a fitness center, is usually at the cost of the employee, but it is mandated by their company if the insurance deems it necessary. This year, the insurance was recommending a health and wellness program that was being offered, conveniently, through the insurance company. My husband laughed when they told him this. He said that he was already a member of a good health and wellness program that went through our local hospital. He saw a nutritionist every six months and he went to regular exercise classes. Lately the two of us have been taking classes for the pool exercise program and beginner yoga for relaxation. The insurance company told us that this wasn’t a qualified health and wellness program. My husband went to his boss and asked what gives? He explained about the health and wellness program we were involved in through the hospital. He asked why this wasn’t a good enough program for the insurance company? His boss mumbled something and told him to continue with our hospital program, but to get a letter from them to prove he was really participating in the program. I’m wondering if it was the insurance company or his boss who was getting the kickback from the health and wellness program.

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