My sister Elle started her own heating and cooling company

My little sister Elle started up her own local heating and cooling company, but it’s not here in the same town that we grew up in.

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of her.

She is the first female HVAC technician in our family, although she is definitely not the first person in the family to be in the heating and cooling industry. On the contrary, we have a family owned HVAC company that has been around this area for the past forty years. My grandpa started an HVAC company as soon as he came home from the war and he ran it until just a few years ago when he handed over the reins to my dad. So as you can see, my sister wasn’t exactly new to the idea of being an HVAC technician. She’s been working on furnaces and air conditioning systems from the time she could walk. We just never really thought that this would be the career that she would choose. There are so few female HVAC technicians out there that this type of career is basically considered to be a man’s world. So when Elle told us she was going to get her HVAC certification, we were surprised but also pleased. Now, she has moved to another city and she’s decided to go into business for herself instead of staying here to work at the family heating and cooling business. I’m really happy for her and I hope that her HVAC company does as well as my grandpa’s has over the years.


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