My mom has more endurance than my boyfriend

It is ridiculous that my mother has more endurance than my boyfriend.

Tim and I recently invested in a house together and we are remodeling it.

I have four months until all my things need to move into the new house. I am working hard to get as much torn out, redone and fixed up before my stuff gets moved in. It would be aggravating to put down tile floors with furniture already sitting on them. I don’t want to replace windows and have a couch and tables in the way. I have been working on the house every weekend for at least 8 hours each day. I like to devote more than a couple hours at least two days during the week as well. Tim started out super motivated but has sort of given up. He whines about sore knees, hips and back pain. My mother has been right beside me, working the whole way through. I figured out why she and I can work with no pain. It’s because we work out. She and I exercise for an hour everyday. I take a group fitness class at the core progression gym that provides cardio, stretching and weight lifting. My mother does yoga to increase flexibility and frequently takes a spin class. Neither of us experience soreness or stiffness because our muscles are properly stretched. We don’t injure ourselves because we are accustomed to squatting, bending and twisting. My boyfriend sits in a chair for work all day. He is overweight and rather soft. Of course he can’t perform manual labor all day long. My 55 year old mother is in better condition than my 29 year old boyfriend.



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