I was feeling like a steamed lobster.

I have never been one to feel the draw to want to be in a steam room.

I hated the odor of sweat and I couldn’t imagine enjoying being in a steam room where that was all people were doing.

I was loath to find my way into the steam room when my boss told me that was where he wanted to hold our meeting. I knew I must have had a look of distaste on my face because of the look he gave me. He told me he didn’t have time for a regular meeting, but I would join him there, he would listen to my ideas for the new deodorant campaign I was working on. As I worked further on my campaign, I began to look at the irony of my campaign being pitched in a steam room, of all places. I actually got a chuckle over the idea of pitching deodorant when I was sweating like a pig and feeling more like a steamed lobster than an ad man. We started talking about the ideas I had and then I told him about my adversity to steam rooms. I told him about how much I hated smelling of body odor and that was the idea behind my campaign. I thought if we could tie a steam room scenario into walking out feeling as fresh as when we walked in, it would be a win-win situation. After we gone done chuckling over the idea of a man walking into a steam room in a suit, and looking the same when he walked out, he agreed with me. My new steam room campaign wasn’t just launched, but it was already in the works when he returned from his business trip.