I need a good workout program

For the last ten years, I have watched my weight go up and my health go down.

I am steadily getting less healthy by the week. I can blame whomever I want for my lack of health, but the fact is that it is my own fault. When I had my car accident, I could no longer get along well. My mobility had decreased and my range of movement was gravely limited. I wanted to wallow in self pity, and this what it had done to me. I was more than 100 pounds overweight, and still gaining. My muscle tone was non-existent and I couldn’t walk through my home without getting winded. I knew that I needed a good nutritional program and an even better workout program. I called my family physician and asked him for his help. He was smiling when I went into his office and told me he was waiting for me to make the move and ask for the help. He told me about the nutritional program at the hospital. He set me up for my first appointment. He wanted me to get some physical therapy to start and that would lead into a workout program. He thought I needed the rehab first to get my muscles working again. With the help of the nutritionist, the physical therapy and workout program, I soon lost nearly sixty pounds and I was still losing. That was a year ago, and I am back to my pre-accident weight. I am still going to the nutritionist and as promised, I have a workout program that I can do anywhere.

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