Health centers for seniors?

I guess I had become used to my mother being retired.

  • Whenever I needed a babysitter for my son, or for my granddaughter, I would call mom.

She was always happy to have the kids at the house. She said they kept her young and she didn’t tire out as easy. My son was a change of life baby and barely four. My granddaughter was a lively two year old. I felt a bit guilty dropping them off on my mom’s doorstep, but she enjoyed it and I never left them there for more than an hour or two. Last week, I called and told her I was bringing the kids over. She told me that she wasn’t free. I was surprised since mom had never turned me down. I asked her if something was wrong? She told me she was going to the health center. I once again asked if there was something wrong? She laughed and told me she was going there for some information and to get a workout. They had opened a new health center for seniors. They not only provided all the health care that she needed, but they had a complete health center for all of their needs. They had a recreational center in the health center. There were nutritional support personnel to help with their nutritional needs. There were yoga classes for beginners and for the more advanced seniors. They even had luncheons and bingo at the health center. She laughingly called it her one stop shopping center for her health.

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