These dogs are very spoiled

My Dad has made her little dogs her pet projects, so to speak.

She spoils them like deranged as well as I know that it’s ridiculous.

She absolutely did not ever treat myself and others as well as she treats her deranged little dogs as well as maybe I’m just a little bit jealous or something. Anyway, last year she put in this gigantic dog condo for them in the backyard because she thought that they needed to have their own space. I thought that was deranged enough, however now she has decided that having their own dog condo is not enough! Now, she wants to have a special little HVAC method installed in the doghouse for them too. She says that if they don’t have their own heating as well as cooling method in the dog house, then they might get too freezing in the Winter time or too boiling in the summer. I know it’s ridiculous, though. I mean, dogs have fur coats to keep them moderate in the winter, right? I guess that maybe I could understand the need to put some sort of cooling method out there because it does get absolutely boiling here in the summertime, however but buying a ductless mini split air conditioning unit to put into a dog condo just seems like overkill to me. I know our Dad may be going overboard when it comes to these dogs. I asked her the other morning if she’s going to be writing the dogs into her will, too. Should I worry that they are going to take our locale as her favorite child? It’s crazy. I don’t know that any dog needs more of a cooling method than a bowl of water, some shade, as well as possibly a fan. They undoubtedly don’t need their own doggy A/C.

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