A UV light cleaner would be great for us

My Grandma has decided that she wants to buy a current UV light air cleaner for her condo to run in tandem with her existing HVAC system. She’s been staying home a whole lot these days, ever since all of the shutdowns happened, as well as she’s been thinking about trying to improve the indoor air pollen levels in her condo however she can. I know that it’s a fantastic idea, since occasionally she has flu symptom troubles. Plus, let’s face it. She’s not getting any younger! Anything that will help her with her respiratory troubles is a fantastic investment, in our opinion. I was talking to her about getting her ventilation ducts cleaned out as well as so she started looking into it. She talked to her local HVAC dealer that she has used for years, as well as they made an appointment to come as well as scrub the HVAC duct as well as the air vents. Then, they mentioned to her about how some people are installing air cleaners these days to help with the quality of the air in their homes. They were having a big sale on bizarre types of air cleaners, plus they were offering free installation. She decided that she wanted to have them install a current UV light air purification method on the same morning that they were coming to scrub out the air vents as well as the HVAC duct. I’m glad that she’s going with a UV light air cleaner instead of another kind because UV light air cleaners can kill all kinds of airborne pathogens. I know that they are better than correct media air cleaners.

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