The a/cs in this building looked weird

When I lived in a foreign country for a few years, I saw things that you would never see in our home country; There were things that they had that every one of us would have never even thought about where I grew up! However, even things that I knew about looked weird where I lived in a foreign country! For instance, the foreign country had a/cs that were completely weird from the a/cs that every one of us had where I was born plus raised, where I am from, there were primarily 2 types of a/cs in any building or house… You regularly either had a central a/c or a window a/c.

Besides those 2 types of a/cs, there really isn’tany type of variety, then if you had a lot of money or owned a business, you really had a nice central a/c to cool the entire building down.

If your budget wasn’t truly giant or you did not own your own house, you had a window a/c, however every once in a while, you might see a weird type of a/c, but it was rare. However, while I was residing in a foreign country, I saw an a/c that was weird than one that I had ever seen. This a/c sat in the corner of the room, plus the a/c looked adore a larger rectangle. The a/c was way taller than I am, plus I didn’t see any type of drain on the a/c. I have literally never seen an a/c adore that before, plus it was so strange, however obviously, I have heard of a/cs, but even the a/cs in that country were weird than those that I have seen.


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