My mom has always taken good care of me

My mom has made his little pets his pet projects, so to speak.

She spoils them like silly and I suppose that it’s ridiculous.

She absolutely did not ever treat me plus he treats his silly little pets and maybe I’m just a little bit jealous or something. Anyway, last year he put in this gigantic pet home for them in the backyard because he thought that they needed to have their own space. I thought that was silly enough, however now he has decided that having their own pet home is not enough, and now, he wants to have a special little HVAC system installed in the pethouse for them too. She says that if they don’t have their own heating and cooling system in the pet house, then they might get too cold in the Winter or too warm in the summer. I suppose it’s ridiculous, though. I mean, pets have fur coats to keep them moderate in the winter, right? I believe that maybe I could understand the need to put some sort of cooling system out there because it does get really warm here in the summertime… But buying a ductless mini split air conditioner component to put into a pet home just seems like overkill to me. I suppose my mom may be going overboard when it comes to these pets. I asked his the other day if she’s going to be writing the pets into his will, too. Should I worry that they are going to take my site as his number one child? It’s crazy. I don’t suppose that any pet needs more of a cooling system than a bowl of water, some shade, and possibly a fan. They really don’t need their own petgy air conditioner.


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