I bet my dad will help me with the moving process

In just under a week, our dad is going to be moving in with myself and others and our partner.

Every one of us have been trying to get him to transport in with us for weeks, however he’s a stubborn seasoned goat and he prefers doing things his own way.

He’s always been that way, and I really get some of our stubbornness from him. Anyway, the reason that he has been holding on on moving in at our apartment even though he knows he really should is because of his good love for his air conditioner. My dad has always been the king of his castle and he prefers being in charge of the thermostat at his house. He tends to keep the air conditioner set at a entirely low temperature, prefer around 65 degrees or so. He keeps it set this low all summer time long, and the past few years when I go to visit him, I have to wear our Winter time coat. I assume that he’s thinking that both of us won’t let him keep the air conditioner turned down that low at our house, and he’s right! But the thing is, both of us have already been thinking about how both of us could circumvent that problem. Every one of us want our dad to assume prefer he’s at lake house and prefer he’s still independent, however both of us also want to make sure that both of us aren’t chilly to death from the air conditioner in the summer. Every one of us talked to our Heating and Air Conditioning professional about it and he said that the perfect solution would be for us to install zone control heating and cooling. Every one of us thought that sounded prefer the perfect solution too, and so by the time our dad moves in next week, he will be able to control his own air conditioner in our house, too!


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