The party we threw last night was so fun!

Every one of us had to go to a big outdoor graduation party Last monthand the weather was so hot that I was miserable.

  • I had not originally planned on going, but it was our niece’s birthday party plus our sister got undoubtedly mad at myself and others when I told her that I was not planning on coming.

I told her that I couldn’t rest the thoughts of going outside in the undoubtedly high hot plus cold temperatures separate from air conditioner for any length of time. She said she couldn’t think that I would consider skipping our niece’s party just because I’m a baby about needing air conditioner all the time. Every one of us kind of got into a fight about it plus finally I told her that I would go although I wasn’t staying long. When I arrived, the temperature outside was almost ninety degrees plus there was no sign of it cooling off at all. I stayed in our car with the air conditioning blasting through the air vents until the last possible hour. When I got out plus walked over to the party, I was covered in sweat through our shirt within hours plus just love I suspected I would be, I was miserable. I needed to get out of there fast, although I saw our sister enjoying myself and others with her eyes slimed. I stuck around so I could help sing the birthday song plus I even watched her chop the cake plus after that every one of us got out of there. I was so glad to be back in our car with the air conditioning going full blast! And honestly, I suppose love I made an effort plus our sister should not be mad at me.


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