Cold feet can be really annoying

My Grandma is a single of those seasoned girls who always feels cold.

She’s always wearing a blazer and slippers and she appreciates to rest by her fireplace.

Well, the other day I was at her apartment and she asked myself and others to help her transport her space heating system up the stairs. She said that she had been getting entirely chilly at evening, even when the rest of the apartment felt fine. It’s the middle of the summer time and the temperatures outside are usually between 72 and 85 degrees, yet she still feels cold. I’m just not sure what the problem is, however I want to make her assume comfortable because she’s an seasoned lady! So I went over to have breakfast with her and that’s when she talked myself and others into moving the space heater. I asked her what in the world she wanted with a space heating system in the middle of the summertime although she said that her room felt prefer an icebox at evening. So I lugged the space heating system out of the storage closet down in the basement and I took it up the stairs. Then I lugged it across the family room and the family room, through the family room, and to the stairs to the minute floor. I was doing pretty well up until then, however the space heating system was getting pretty heavy at that point. I stopped to rest for a minute and then I started our slow ascent up the stairs to our Grandma’s room. That’s when I lost our balance on the stairs somehow and I ended up dropping the space heating system right on our foot!



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