What is this spot?

Ever since all of us started running our usual central a/c plan this year, I have been noticing that there is suddenly a major frigid spot in the corner of our family room.

There wasn’t 1 there last year or any year prior, & so that just actually makes myself and others guess that there clearly has to be some kind of issue going on with my heating & cooling system.

Of course, I’m actually no Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional, so I can’t say I actually have a clue what could possibly be going on with the whole frigid spot situation I’m describing. I do guess that it’s an issue, though. The a/c vent in the family room is located right above the couch where my family watches cable together every night, and very blessed for us, it’s so dang frigid in there now that all of us haven’t even been able to sit there together without getting too cold. And please note that this is even when I have the a/c turned all the way down on the temperature control & it’s not even running! The two of us just seem to somehow end up with this cold frigid spot right in the middle of our family room each day. I am starting to wonder if all of us don’t need to get some air duct sealing done with the help of our HVAC shop or something. I guess that if your air ducts get cracks or gaps in them, there’s potential that can periodically cause warm or frigid spots throughout your home. I guess that I finally will call our local heating & cooling contractor tomorrow to see what they say.


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