School teaches about health and wellness

It was another dreadful day in school, so nothing new.

But today was an extra “special” day, as John the personal trainer was coming in today.

For my health and wellness class, we have to sit for over an hour listening to our teachers lecture about the importance of fitness and wellness. Most of the students have droopy eyes and look bored out of their minds, and I am sure I look the same. John the personal fitness trainer was an exception, he had quite a loud mouth and would love to scream at kids to get into better shape. So as you can see, I was quite excited to see him today. He waltzed into the classroom carrying around an air of arrogance, and he went on to brag about him being a certified fitness expert, and owning his own certified gym. After he was done with his 30 minute bragging session, he then screamed at us to do 20 pushups. I wasn’t really fit, so I could barely make 5, I just waited until he wasn’t looking and stopped. I really wish we could have our old personal fitness expert back, his name was Andrew and he was such a cool guy. He made exercising and workout programs seem cool, and for once in my life I actually had started an interest in physical training programs. As soon as John entered though, he crushed any interest I might have had. Unfortunately, Andrew was hospitalized for reasons unknown to me, I hope he’s okay and I really hope he comes back soon

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