Nutritional Counseling is Helping the Whole Family

When my friend was diagnosed with diabetes, he agreed to go to nutritional counseling.

Many health plans now cover such nutritional programs, and it is a rare city indeed that does not offer at least some kind of nutritional counseling.

Well, little did he know that his nutritional counseling was going to benefit the whole family. My friends wife and kids are active; she has a gym membership and regularly attends workout classes and yoga and other group offerings at the local gym. She works both outside and inside the home, as well. Their kids, with the exception of one who is a bookworm, are busy playing sports after school and they are even trying to balance part-time jobs as they dream about getting their own cars. So, it seems that they are just plain healthy, right? Well, unfortunately, despite their best attempts and health and wellness, they are not as healthy as they could be. That is where my friend’s nutritional counseling came into play. He learned that his wife is so busy, she often turns to fast food for lunch and sometimes even dinner. The kids are getting their lunches at school; unfortunately, most schools do not pay that much attention to the health and wellness of the students, and even if they do, the kids themselves often choose to eat the cookie and leave the broccoli behind. When mom does cook at home, she often turns to simple, filling, quick meals like macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. Now, after my friend has received nutritional counseling, they are all learning to forgo all those carbs and plan their meals a bit better. Nutritional counseling is benefitting the whole family.
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