My doctor told me that I needed a nutritional program

My doctor delivered the shocking news that if I continued my current life of binge eating and obesity, I wouldn’t live past 40.

I was already suffering from the beginnings of multiple illnesses, and this news was a rude awakening.

Now I know some people would just get angry at the doctor’s advice and wouldn’t take it, but it was just the kind of harsh reality I needed. I had been ignoring my obesity problem, and it was time to put an end to it. I always pictured myself as a family guy, running with my kids and watching them grow up, I knew this was no longer possible if I continue with my current lifestyle. I decided to hire a certified fitness expert to help me start the life I dream of, a life of being healthy. The personal trainer was really professional and really nice. He helped me start piercing my life together, and I actually started liking exercising, something that I used to utterly hate. Even without my personal fitness expert at my side, sometimes I would just exercise because I could, and it became more relaxing. With a workout planner and attending a group fitness training class, the pounds were slowly beginning to shed. Every week I would weigh myself and I would usually weigh about 5 pounds less. That was 3 years ago, and I no longer considered obese, and I am close to my ideal weight. I am really thankful to the doctor and my wonderful personal fitness expert, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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