I wish I didn’t mess up and break my cooling machine

I broke my cooling machine because I was not patient.

I definitely should have just taken two trips down to the basement, although I wanted to try and take our cooling machine in addition to a few glass decorations that I had down to the basement at the same time. It was the most ludicrous idea that I have ever had. I put the glass decorations on top of the cooling machine and began to carry everything down the stairs! Well, multiple stairs in, I stepped on the cooling machine’s cord that I didn’t realize was hanging down in front of me. Me stepping on the cooling system’s cord pulled the cooling machine right from my hands, and the cooling machine in addition to the cheerful decorations went crashing down the stairs. It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even know what was happening. I just sat there for a minute looking at our broken cooling machine in addition to decorations. I was way more uneasy about our cooling machine than I was about our decorations. Sure, the decorations were given to me by a friend, but the cooling machine was much more upscale. I knew that there would be no repairing our cooling machine. It was completely hopeless. My cooling machine was truly done for. I will forever miss that cooling machine. It was the best cooling machine that I have ever owned. I suppose I will have to buy a new cooling machine before next summer season hits. Thankfully, it is already starting to cool down here where I happen to live. That is why I was taking our cooling machine down to the basement.



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