Diabetes Patients are Entitled to Nutritional Counseling with my Health Plan

Seven years ago, I was invited to take a job that I thought was going to be the best job I ever had and I was going to keep all the way until I retire.

  • I only lasted there for four years.

After about three years, I started looking for a different job, and soon had a different one. I am still working at this new place today. I do not believe in the cause as much, but at least I am getting paid a decent salary. I am not overpaid, don’t get me wrong, but before my salary was so low it was hard to just live. I could never go to the doctor because the health insurance was so bad that nothing was ever covered. Now, I have what everyone knows is the best health plan in our state, and it is consistently ranked within the top ten of the country. Just about everything is covered, and they even reimburse the cost of a gym membership. In addition, if I want to take yoga classes, the answer is, “We’ll pay for it!” A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and he was immediately sent to nutritional counseling, where he learned about nutritional programs that help people with diabetes. Not only that, he was assigned a personal trainer, and that personal training regimen is helping him reach specific goals. All of these measures are covered by the health plan. I really enjoy going to the local gym now. There is a sauna and a massage therapy room in addition to the weight lifting and workout classes I can make use of. I make a better salary now, I have a gym membership that is covered by my health plan, and I get some relaxation in the swimming pool and sauna. This job is definitely better than the previous one. I hope I get to keep it and Covid doesn’t make the place go bankrupt!
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