Attending workout classes

I found group fitness training classes to be so much more relaxing than actually having a private personal trainer.

  • I have tried multiple different forms of fitness, and I actually think doing workout programs with a certified fitness expert was the most boring.

I guess because I am a social butterfly, and I really love being around people and socializing about common interests. That is why I decided to join a group physical training class. This way I can meet multiple different people and we can talk about our love for gyms and exercising. Perhaps we can even trade tips on training methods. The workout classes are led by certified fitness experts, right in my local gym. They are open 5 times a week, and I visit 3 times a week. I have already made quite a few close friends there, that also love working out as much as I do. One of my friends Patricia, has mentioned trying yoga. Since this certified gym has a yoga studio, I encouraged her to go and try it. Patricia loved the peaceful, serene aspect of yoga. Personally, if I had to try another form of exercise, it would probably be cross fit, since I like faster paced exercises. I was thinking of trying the cross fit gym, while Patricia considered yoga. Although we might separate temporarily to go to our respective workout classes, we can always meet up back at the group training classes. Overall, being in a group workout program has only made me love and appreciate exercising even more.
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