Smart thermostat talks to me too much

When I was younger I definitely remember being more obsessed with my cell phone. I couldn’t be away from it for more than a few minutes because I was so concerned that someone would try to get in touch with me. If somebody called or texted me I didn’t delay for one second. I would open my phone and begin responding because I didn’t want them to have to wait more than a moment to be acknowledged. These days, I am the exact opposite. If somebody calls or texts me I see it as a massive inconvenience. I get overwhelmed when I have too many notifications on my phone. That’s why, I nearly tore the smart thermostat off the wall the other day. I thought it would be a good idea to have a smart thermostat installed at my house after my energy bills were consistently climbing through the roof. I felt like I could better manage my indoor air handling devices if I was able to monitor them from a smart thermostat app right on my phone. Besides, I knew that the smart thermostat would offer energy efficiency tips and eco settings for my thermostat programming. However, I never realized that my smart thermostat was going to talk to my phone so often. When it started sending me notifications about my indoor air temperature and energy expenditure I was starting to get concerned. The notifications felt like they were never ending and even the most my new temperature changes caused the thermostat to bug me. After a week of being harassed by the smart thermostat I turned off all notifications on my phone and went off the grid for another month.


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