Live next to water processing plant

When my husband was looking for a new home he did his best.

He had a very small budget and there weren’t many properties that would fit with his financial constraints.

He also couldn’t live very far from his current place of work because a long commute would cost him too much time and money. Eventually, he wound up settling down in a home that is… less than perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the property and the house are absolutely lovely. The problem is the neighbors. There is a water treatment plant directly across the street from my husband’s house. Of course, I didn’t know this was the case when we started dating. immediately, it became a problem to visit his house because of the air quality. The water treatment plant puts out a lot of disgusting and odorous pollution into the air. It then wafts directly over into his house. No matter what you’re doing, you’re surrounded by the airborne stench of human feces and chemical treatments. This means we can never have the windows open unless we want to fill the indoor air with disgusting smells and airborne contamination. Since I’ve moved into the house with him we have used the heating and cooling system every single day. It’s extremely expensive to rely on your central HVAC system for stench reduction. However, there is no choice unless you want to gag 24 hours a day. I hope that someday we can invest in an air purification system to cut down on our energy costs. Or, better yet, move to a new house with less airborne pollution.

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