I'm sick of COVID

When I was growing up I realized that I never wanted to be hurting for money.

I had grown up in a poverty-stricken condo and it was not a fun way to live.

I didn’t care about it wondering if I would be able to eat on any given morning. As such, I didn’t want to go into any line of supplier that could be affected by an economic downturn. I wanted to be sure that I found a job which would constantly support me and my family with abundance. That’s why I went into the heating and cooling industry directly out of middle school. I went to the local trade school and bought my Heating and A/C certification in less than 18 weeks. At that point, I thought that I was ahead of the curve because I had a professional job in the heating and cooling industry before the age of 19. However, I never could have guessed that residential Heating and A/C repair and repair appointments would be so stressful and low-paying. It turns out, there are a lot of Heating and A/C professionals in my town. When it comes to residential Heating and A/C repair there are so multiple possibilities that you do not make a sizable salary as a specialized heating and cooling professional. I decided I had enough of my low income about a year ago and switched gears to work in the Heating and A/C field. This month I work in Commercial heating and cooling repair and replacement. I do not have to compete with so multiple certified heating and cooling workers in the commercial sector and I make a much higher salary.
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