I wish I had bought a ductless mini split years ago

Sometimes I get stuck in habits that last for years on end.

I said I’d never try a cigarette, but peer pressure got the best of me when I was a college freshman. My friends all smoked so I started buying packs before nights when we’d throw large parties on campus. Before long I had developed a nasty nicotine habit. The immediate side effects had nothing to do with my health, although that eventually became a problem a few years down the road when my lung issues started. In the beginning, it was the financial burden of smoking daily. It was disheartening seeing so much of my hard earned money going towards that habit. By the time I hit 30, I had finally had enough of smoking cigarettes every single day of my life. Breaking that habit was a life changing experience for me. I realized that I had much more power and self-control over my brain than I ever realized. I turned my attention to another habit I wanted to break, and that was relying on fan forced heating and cooling. For decades I have struggled with air conditioners, furnaces, and the ductwork that they utilize to condition indoor air. I have struggled with machines with poor SEER ratings and ventilation systems with leaks in a multitude of varying places. There were ads on TV one night showcasing ductless mini split heating and cooling systems. I have seen them in videos and photos from other countries overseas and had been interested from the start. They’re amazing because it’s like having a miniature central air conditioner in every room of the house. They can all get hooked up to a single condenser outside while each machine retains individual temperature control. You can keep your home office cool in the afternoon without cooling the rest of the house.


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