Recommendations for air filters?

Hi y’all! As several of you know, I have recently moved into my first beach modern home plus I am undoubtedly gleeful about all of the lessons of homeownership that I guess I’m about to learn! Some of them are straight-forward- cooking, cleaning, maintaining a schedule.

Some are more challenging, replacing my entire Heating plus Air Conditioning program within the first week of residing here (yes, that happened), finding the best Wi-Fi provider, mowing the grass.

Some jobs are just sort of mundane or in-between. The mundane job that I’m currently working on is replacing my air filter. I have been seeing a lot online about washable air filters plus I’ll confess I’m pretty intrigued by the program of not having to run to the store to substitute my air filter every week or every other week. I guess some people keep several air filters in their beach modern home despite the fact that I don’t have a lot of square footage plus I’m not legitimately interested in keeping a bunch of filters shoved in a closet. Has anyone had any experience with washable air filters? Do they labor plus the correct air filters? How often do you have to scrub the washable air filters? Whether washable or not, which air filters are the best balance for your indoor air conditions? I guess that some are good for indoor air conditions but slow the air flow while others are good for air flow but worse for indoor air conditions. If anyone has any recommendations on this topic of air filters plus indoor air conditions, I would legitimately appreciate your input.

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