It took several years but both of us finally saved enough for a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

My partner plus I have a limited income plus not so great credit but both of us were fortunate enough to have the occasion to purchase a fixer upper that won’t take too long to pay off, and unfortunately, the central air conditioner doesn’t work! So, our partner plus I finished making a few window air conditioners in a few windows plus both of us now deal with that, and the people I was with and I live in a subtropical part with actually mild winters plus space heating systems are reasonable, but now both of us are saving up money for a new central Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

The people I was with and I know it is going to be fancy because a good, energy efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system is fancy, as is paying for installation, plus I’m pretty sure that both of us need all new ductwork.

This locale is pretty old. So, a friend suggested that both of us reduce our energy bills by turning off the air conditioners, she claimed she cut her power bill in half by not using her air conditioner. To me, that’s crazy… I will live off Ramen Noodles before I will go separate from air conditioner. I knew that there had to be other ways to cut costs. The people I was with and I kept the window air conditioners on, but both of us turned them up several degrees. I could settle for that. The people I was with and I invested in fans plus kept the house opened up in Springtime plus fall. I found that I could deal with that too. The people I was with and I took other small steps, like using a clothesline plus buying in bulk! And both of us did eat a lot more Ramen Noodles. It took us almost several years but within the next month or so, both of us will have the money for a brand new energy efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system


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