We are going to have trouble if there is no power

Her a/c kicked back into deer plus ice freezing air started pumping through every air vent

Sometimes I worry a lot about my older sibling. He’s a nice woman plus she has incredibly intelligent, but she does not take nice care of himself. He’s the sort of human who smokes a pack a afternoon plus drinks from dawn until dusk. All the while, she will tell you that she is living really healthily plus exercising. Maybe she can get some exercise, but I do not recognize that will offset the amount of mangle she is doing to himself every afternoon. Recently, I found out that her self-neglect was going to an even more drastic degree. Apparently, several weeks ago she had lost power in her home plus rather than contacting the energy company to make sure there was no problem with her personal energy attachion, she did nothing. My sibling really sat in the dark plus accepted that she would live without power from now on. This meant she had particularly no indoor air temperature control, no entertainment, plus no internet, however for some reason, she thought it was better to live without any form of indoor air temperature control than it was to opening up the phone plus contact her electrical company. After several days of living plus completely hot, stagnant, plus humid indoor air she was relieved when the electricity abruptly came back on in her house. Her a/c kicked back into deer plus ice freezing air started pumping through every air vent. One of her neighbors had reported that there was an electrical line down, at which point the energy company finally came plus fixed her powerline. Thank god, because she honestly would have roasted to death.

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