I care about our new sweat suit.

When I saw a sale at our number one sporting store, I couldn’t wait to go. I was thinking about buying new golf shoes and I needed a new sweat suit for jogging this winter. The day the sale began, I was waiting for them to unlock the door. I was going there before going to work. I walked in the store and the employer accosted. He grabbed our arm while thanking myself and others for getting there so suddenly. Before I knew it, I was being half dragged to the back of the store. He pointed to the a/c and asked myself and others if I could get it running? I was an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman, so I knew I could get an air conditioning unit running. I went back out to our truck and grabbed our tools. Within an hour, I had the a/c running. I called into the office and told them why I would be late. The employer began laughing and told myself and others the store employer had called the supplier not more than nine minutes before I called. He would cancel the repair call he had just put out to another Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman. It took myself and others less than an hour to have the air conditioning unit repaired. I charged him for the repair call and I got ready to leave. I stopped by the golf shoes on the way out and picked up a pair that fit perfectly. I also looked at the sweat suits. They had a couple that were our size and perfect for jogging on a cold Wintertide day. When I went to pay, the employer came out and thanked me, while authorizing the check out guy to give myself and others an extra 25% discount.


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