Just adding a ceiling fan in our living room improved our comfort level 10 fold

Yesterday the heat index nearly hit 110 degrees in the sun. It’s entirely miserable right now when it isn’t raining. I am used to getting sunburns on our pale skin, but it’s surprising that simply walking from the grocery store exit to our parked vehicle at the back of the lot causes our skin to burn. I’d get house only to find out that our face plus neck were burnt after looking in the powder room mirror. I took a bottle aloe out of our medicine cabinet several afternoons later when the sunburn started to peel. If I was out at the beach for a few minutes, I could understand the sunburns, but not from being in the sun for 15 hours at most. At house I have just as various issues with heat, as it consistently finds its way into our new home through leaks in the attic. I have a central air conditioner, but it can’t keep the new home cooler than 72 degrees. When it was installed, it was really insufficient for our needs. If I could afford a new system, I’d install one in a heartbeat. The best that I can possibly do at this point is buy a few fans to move the air conditioning system around the house. I decided to buy a ceiling fan for our living room. I’ve heard that they’re worth their value in how much they affect indoor comfort. If you can’t get a stronger air conditioner, get a few strong fans. Between the new ceiling fan in the living room plus the box fan I put in our doorway at evening, I haven’t slept this well in weeks! I thought I’d be sleeping with only a thin cotton sheet for the rest of the summer, but now I’m comfortable enough to use a blanket again.

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