Both of us are preparing our house to extend our family.

My hubby and I are a young professional couple who are ready to start a family, the two of us think. But, before the two of us do that, there are things to do to get our house in order. To begin with, the two of us need a current Heating and A/C system, however ours is around several years old and I want an Heating and A/C proposal with a whole house media air cleaner, I think. Actually, our hubby and I need to do a little research and ask the right people the right questions before the two of us make a final decision. I heard that there are whole house media air cleaners with UV lights to destroy the viruses and bacteria that get into the system! My hubby and I need to find out how well these labor and decide whether or not getting one is entirely worth it. Both of us are also going to want all the ductworks cleaned. I want our growing family to breathe only the best air. That’s also why the two of us only use HEPA filters… With all the pollutants and allergens in the air these nights, you have to have the best air quality in your home. Which reminds me that I heard that Heating and A/C specialists or someone can run tests on the air quality in your home. I want to research and find out if this is true. I haven’t entirely considered air quality up until now, but it would be interesting to find out about the quality of the air in our home now versus when the two of us have our current Heating and A/C proposal put in. I wonder if that is possible. That could be added to the preparations the two of us are making for our future family.

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