The boss showed his appreciation by buying us lunch.

I slept through the alarm this morning and I didn’t get to eat any breakfast. I just barely had time to take a shower and shave. I honestly would have skipped the shower, but I worked in the yard last night and I think that I smelled bad! By the time I got to work at the HVAC company, I was a few minutes behind schedule. I wasn’t the only person running late, so the boss didn’t take the time to yell at anyone. And there were just 20 HVAC service jobs on the schedule for the entire day. Usually the bus schedules 30 to 35 jobs, and I was surprised and sad, because for a brief moment, I thought a few of us might get fired or laid off. However actually, the owner of the HVAC company had an immense surprise for all of the employees. He arranged for pretty much everyone to take 2 hours at mid day so pretty much everyone could reconvene at the shop. The owner of the HVAC company bought pizza for pretty much everyone in the company. We were all supposed to finish working at 11 so that we could all be back for supper at noon. My job partner and I had a total of 2 heating system repairs planned in the morning and we finished a few minutes before 11. We were pulling into the parking lot at the same time as the pizza corporation. The owner purchased 25 immense pies with pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms! He also had plenty of salad, garlic rolls, and a variety of soda, lemonade, and other drinks. It was a nice way to say thank you for all of our strenuous work this quarter.

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