An order mix-up cost us a sale.

This month has been filled with a number of problems.

Work has been unquestionably tied up and there is a new woman in charge of ordering parts.

Three orders were messed up this month and one of them actually caused a customer to call a different heating and cooling business. I went to the repair call and determined that our customer needed a new gas furnace. The customer was frustrated that we couldn’t update the gas furnace on the same day, although I assured her that we would have the new parts delivered the following day. She agreed to spend the night and day at a relative’s home so we could install a new gas furnace the next day. Unluckily, someone ordered the wrong size gas furnace and I did not realize the mistake until I was already standing in the customers garage. The parts were delivered a half an hour before I arrived the next day. I hastily realized the gas furnace was half the size that we needed. When I told the customer about the problem, she became unquestionably irritated and irate. She told us to leave at once and she called another business to install her gas furnace. I called my boss to explain the problem. I don’t know how the mistake happened, however we lost a $2,500 sale because of the mix-up.


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