Upgrading the ductwork in the bank building

The downtown bank has been open since 1922.

For 50 years, the bank functioned as the only Savings plus Loan office in a 74 mile zone, however my family was a single one of the original bank holders plus I am a standing member of the board now.

My dad was a member during the 1970’s. That was the last time the bank made upgrades plus renovations, and it was during this time that the bank added a central heat plus a/c device to the entire building. That was the last time that the ventilation ductwork was changed, upgraded, or even assessed for repairs. Roughly a week ago, we made the decision to close the main branch for needed repairs. One of those repairs was replacing all of the heating plus a/c device! Every one of us found out that the ductwork needed to be upgraded throughout the whole building. It was a single one of the major renovation projects plus a relatively pricey hit to our budget. Nobody really anticipated spending $55,000 to upgrade the ventilation device plus ductwork. It was a terribly hefty bill, however a truly needed expense. All of the renovations are now finished plus the bank is scheduled to open on the first day of next week. Every one of us are having a grand opening celebration to kick off the new building. Every one of us called some food truck vendors plus we will have more than a dozen different cuisines represented on that particular day. Every one of us even have live tunes scheduled to perform. Every one of us are going to have events for the kids plus a couple of contests with prizes. It’s going to be a great way for the bank to celebrate being in the area for 100 years.

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