The refrigeration equipment we picked up was worth a lot

My good friend & I regularly go to sales & auctions & hope to get lucky. It’s genuinely fun & exciting & at times the two of us make a bit of money. There are auctions in our city every Sunday, Thursday, & Friday. We hardly ever find amazing deals, however the two of us commonly make our money back from the auction price. We actually have a couple of friends that managed to get a diamond ring valued over $60,000. We truly have never found anything even close to that, however the two of us always are happy to see what’s around the corner & under the tarp & inside the boxes. Just this past year, the two of us managed to discover a box of rare coins that ended up with enormous value… My good friend & I bought a current company truck with the windfall. That was really our biggest ticket item & truly our most amazing find. Not so long ago, the two of us found a storage component that contained a lot of refrigeration equipment. My good friend & I didn’t really know for certain what the items were, however the two of us took them to a pawn shop. They right away were able to identify the equipment as Heating, Ventilation, & A/C equipment tools. They knew a few people that would be interested in the refrigeration equipment, & the pawn shop asked us to leave the items with them for consignment. My good friend & I were astonished to find out that the items were refrigeration equipment & Heating, Ventilation, & A/C equipment tools. They didn’t look anything like that & that’s due to the fact that they were antiques. We were able to profit approximately $600 on the sale & the equipment went to a guy who happens to own a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company & collects outdated items that are related to the trade.

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