The perfect time to upgrade our ductwork at the bank

The downtown bank has been open since 1922… For over 50 years, the bank functioned as the only Savings & Loan office in a 75 mile radius! My family was one of the original bank holders & I am a current member of the board.

My dad was a member back in the 90s! That was the last time the bank made updates & renovations, however it was during this time that the bank added a central heat & air conditioning machine to the entire building.

That was the last time that the ventilation HVAC duct was changed, updated, or assessed for important repairs. It was a short while ago when we finally decided to close the main branch for necessary repairs. One of those repairs happened to be replacing all of the heating & air conditioning machines. We were able to learn that the HVAC duct needed to be replaced throughout the entire building. It was one of the major renovation projects & a relatively costly hit to our budget… No one on the board thought we would be spending $55,000 to update the ventilation equipment & HVAC duct. It was a truly expensive bill, however a necessary expense for the building. All of the renovations are now completed & the bank is set to open on the first day of next week. Both of us are having a grand opening celebration to kick off the new building. We reached out to a bunch of food truck vendors & we have more than a dozen unique cuisines represented on that day. We also will be having a live band playing. We will have events for the young children & a few contests with awesome prizes. It’s going to be a fabulous way for the bank to celebrate being in the town for 100 years.


HVAC serviceman