I surprised my fiance with a new Heating and A/C replacement

My fiance has always wanted a new central air conditioner unit installed for your house, unfortunately we could never afford to get a new air conditioner unit put in.

  • One afternoon I went to the Heating and A/C store just to look around and see if maybe I could find a central air conditioner unit we could afford.

After talking for a few hours to the Heating and A/C workers, I realized none of them would fit in our price range, discouraged, I left the Heating and A/C store and headed home. On the way home, I saw a crucial object on the side of the road and a sign that study “free central air conditioner unit in good condition.” I couldn’t guess my esure! I pulled over and took a look at the air conditioner and found that it was in much better shape than our current central air conditioner unit. I loaded the unit into my truck and took it home. I hid it in our basement under a blanket. The next afternoon, while my fiance was at work, I hired an Heating and A/C worker to come and replace our outdated Heating and A/C unit and put in the new 1. I was so excited to show my fiance! When my fiance arrived house from work, the house was cooler than normal, then he asked if I had hired someone to repair our central air conditioner unit and I told him no, but that I had done something different. He went to the basement and saw the new central air conditioner unit and almost jumped out of his skin! The people I was with and I both celebrated together with ice cream and a film while kneeling in our cool, air conditioned house.


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