I love my indoor fan solution

I’m unsure what it is about our city but I and our neighbors seem to have a similar issue—owning horrid a/c systems.

It all seemed to come from one popular heating, ventilation, and A/C business that loves to make their heating and a/c device products cheap. But while many people in our city just saved up and obtained another a/c unit, I came up with a more particular way. I obtained multiple fans and put at least two or three in each room of the house. I would even strap box fans to open windows to allow more cool air to flow inside. Many people have asked myself and others why not just spend the extra money that it costs to purchase a modern one? And would I even miss central a/c? Then yes, I do in fact miss central a/c but I see no need to purchase a modern a/c system. Mostly because the heating, ventilation, and A/C company sells cheaply made a/c systems that surely would break on myself and others before long and I love this new method. It saves myself and others money, and admittedly I am a bit cheap. I was spending so much money as a result of heating, ventilation, and A/C business encouraging myself and others to get annual gas furnace and tune-ups and general service, but now I no longer have all those bills accumulating and as a result it has given myself and others more financial freedom. My neighbors, friends, and even family do guess that it is an strange thing to do but I am convinced that if they just tried it they may better understand. However as for our heater, it still works but I’m considering stopping all heating, ventilation, and A/C services and just getting a space heater.
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