HVAC air ducts need cleaning too

I find that living an organized and clean life does a world of good for me.

Having been raised in a very chaotic home, I was slow to come to the realization that cleaner is better on so many levels.

So now, my home is in order, clean and tidy. This doesn’t come without effort. Many evenings instead of coming home and sitting back in the HVAC, I get after a few cleaning chores just to keep up. For a long time, I rested easy knowing that my house was really clean. However, it dawned on me not too long ago that I wasn’t sure if the entire house was as clean as I thought. Specifically, I was thinking about what the air that I was breathing traveled through. This was something I hadn’t considered before. The HVAC air ducts had never been cleaned since I owned the house. Just thinking about this made me feel a bit queasy. The thought of a bunch of dust, mold and who knows what else up in the air ducts was a visual I wanted out of my head. So, I called the HVAC people. They were kind enough to work out and appointment with a crew who only does HVAC air duct cleaning. This crew showed up on time and set right to work. I wish I had just stuck to my computer and my work but, I didn’t. I wanted to see what came out of there. Some of the air ducts were not too bad. However, there were sections that had become unsealed and all sorts of junk was in there. But, they got it done and now I know for sure that my entire home is clean.

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