I forgot to factor in the cost of a commercial HVAC when getting my corporation loan

I decided that I have spent far too many years dreaming of someday starting my own business while stuck in a dead end job that makes me miserable.

Instead of writing insurance policies on a tablet screen all day 5 afternoons a week, I wanted to open a small bakery specializing in bread plus pretzels.

This savor for baking runs in my family, as my Grandparents used to own a bakery themselves years before I was born. My mother l acquired the skills plus is the one who taught me how to make bread plus cake from scratch when I was still a child. At some point in this process I discovered a savor for fresh pretzels. I have had them all over the country in the years since plus still savor eating them to this day in much the same way I did as a child. Now I see myself working tirelessly in a family room every day to feed hungry customers with a variety of fresh breads, desserts, plus pretzels. Somehow I managed to secure a corporation loan, but not before I realized one sizable error I made in my expense calculations. I forgot to account for the cost of a sizable commercial HVAC system. Since the family room would get hot from the ovens, I knew that I needed a cooling idea that could handle the additional heat. Either I’m going to need a idea on how to use currency allocated for other purposes, or I’m going to be spending more of my own currency before I can open my bakery. I hope it isn’t something that delays this process for another year or longer, because having HVAC inside is mandatory.

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