Does the age of our house affect our ability to get a smart control unit?

I have an older home.

I like our historic house because I’m a crucial history buff and like to believe affixed to the past.

However, I am also the style of person who enjoys modernity and keeping up with the latest trends. I suppose you could describe myself and others as “complex” (flips emo hair out of eyeah). Anyway, I’ve been looking at possibilities for our current Heating and Air Conditioning system. I recently substituted our a/c as the aged one finally killed over. When I substituted the a/c, the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was asking myself and others about upgrading our dial control unit. Obviously, from the name “dial control unit”, you can fairly assume that I have an aged control unit. A really aged control unit. I spoke with the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist about smart control units and he said that they are highly proposed. Smart control units will raise and lower the temperature based on whether or not you are home. They are more efficient and save people money on their bi-weekly heating and cooling bills. Smart control units are also really cool because you can change the temperature using your iPhone anywhere in the world (or in your bed if you’re too lazy to get up and adjust the temperature!). In addition to all of that, smart control units are really affordable and easy to install. That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? I’m sold on a smart control unit. Here’s our question: will a smart control component work in an aged house? I know that sounds a little insane, however I’ve had a lot of technology not work in the past just because of the reality of living in an historic home.
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