Pros and cons of a space heater

Through using a portable space heater for many years as an alternate form of heating in our apartment I have found out some truths about space heaters that are both good in addition to not so good.

The first thing about space heaters that is really good, I’m sure you already know about this but I am going to say it anyway, is the fact that with using a portable space furnace over regular heating you will save a ton of money on energy use.

Now for one of the not so good things I have noticed about using portable space heaters, is that the air can be incredibly dry when you use it. When I use the space heating a lot I notice that the air will become extremely dry. Occasionally I will even get a sore throat because the air gets so dry. This is one of the largest downsides on space heating. It doesn’t have an air filter either, so your air quality isn’t as good. I’m no certified HVAC specialist, so I am not sure if I am speaking out of my back side here or not but this is just my personal findings of the extensive use of portable space furnaces in a home. Now I am not trying to discourage portable heater use, but I learned not to use one as frequently.

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