My son seems to want to date only female HVAC technicians

I thought it was great when my son started dating a female HVAC technician.

They got along really well and they were happy for a long time.

She even talked him into enrolling in an HVAC service plan with the HVAC company that she worked for. After about a year when the HVAC service plan had to be renewed, he actually told his HVAC technician girlfriend that he didn’t want to renew his service. When she pressed and asked why he would not renew his HVAC service plan, he admitted that he wanted to go with a different HVAC company. He said he wasn’t really satisfied with the services of her HVAC company any longer. This was kind of awkward, and I realized that my son didn’t really want to date this female HVAC technician any longer. He said that she always wanted to spend time together and he needed some space, and this was his way of trying to get more space. He ended up going with a different HVAC company and then he finally broke it off with the HVAC technician. She was really upset about it, but sometimes things just don’t work how you would expect. I thought it was a pretty big mistake when he started dating another female HVAC technician from another HVAC company. I actually told my son that he probably shouldn’t enroll in their HVAC service plan this time around, in case things didn’t go so well between him and his new girlfriend. He actually agreed with me and said he would try his best not to.

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