My cousin was able to work the pain out of my back with advanced massage techniques

My cousin told me numerous times about her work as a massage therapist.

  • She told me she would be happy to give me a massage, but I never felt the need to get one.

That was until I injured my back pretty bad when I was lifting something the wrong way. I finally called her up to see what she could do for me. She offered me a special family discount which I was thankful for. When she started the massage, it was a little bit painful at first. The thing I appreciated though was the calming music and the nice air quality in her home. She has a fireplace in her living room and that’s where we were doing the massage. She said she had the fireplace installed to have more ambience in her home for her clients. I thought that was a nice touch having a fireplace, it was truly relaxing. Though it was hard not to think about the pain in my back. She had a special technique though to really work the muscles out to where the pain actually went away. It was clear that my cousin knew what she was doing and instead of wincing in pain, I started to relax more and enjoy the massage. By the time she was finished, the pain in my back was practically gone. She told me that I really had to be careful though and not overdue myself until the next massage. I was surprised that she was already planning another massage, but she said I really needed it. I really didn’t mind coming back though because of that wonderful fireplace and good air quality in her home. I think I might become one of her regular clients.

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