Heating unit makes my throat sore

I have used a portable heater for several years inside my home and because of this I have learned of the pros and cons.

The first thing about space heaters that is undoubtedly great, in case you didn’t know, space heating can save you a ton of money than a regular furnace.

Now for one of the cons I have noticed about using portable area heaters. When you use a portable area heater too much, the air in your new home gets a bit on the dry side. When I use my area furnace a lot and the central heating less I notice that my eyes will get dry. Sometimes I will even get a sore throat because the air quality gets so dry. This is one of the largest drawbacks of portable heating. It doesn’t have an air filter that cares about what a central heating method does, so I think that may have a little bit to do with it. I’m no certified HVAC specialist, so I am not sure if I am correct, but this has just been my experience with a portable HVAC unit. Now this doesn’t mean you should not use portable area heaters. I still use mine quite a bit, and just not as much as I used to.


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