Getting a different HVAC specialist

Where I used to live I had this one person that absolutely drove me crazy.

He seemed so arrogant all of the time and was just a pessimistic person.

He was also an independent HVAC contractor. Despite his ugly attitude, he was somehow still used frequently. I never used him because I could not stand to even be in this guy’s presence for more than 10 minutes before I would get mad at his attitude. Any time I had to have any work done on our central heating and air conditioning plan I would just call a further away HVAC corporation. They were great people and did not ever give you any attitude. Yes they were a little more expensive than the local heating & air conditioning person that lived up the road whom I did not like. However I was willing to pay the extra 10 or 20 dollars just to not have to deal with this guy! That should tell you how much I did not enjoy him. I am still to this day not sure how others dealt with this guy, because I never did. I am happy that where I live now, I have a really awesome independent heating & air conditioning corporation for all of my heating and air conditioning repair and tune up needs! For this I am legitimately thankful.

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