Trying to be sneaky at mom’s house

Isn’t it interesting that no matter how old you get, your parents can never stop viewing you as a tiny kid. At least, this is how it is in my circumstances. Despite being nearly 40 years old, my mom continues to talk to me as if I’m a tiny child most of the time. I don’t feel like she believes I’m an autonomous adult or that I can make wise decisions for myself. This makes visiting her very difficult and full of strange obstacles. For instance, I have a habit of smoking pot before I go to bed at night. A quick hit of marijuana therapy makes me fall right asleep and stay asleep all night, as long as I’m surrounded by powerful AC, that is. Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t agree with this air polluting habit. I know that it’s the case, because she caught me red-handed the other day. Apparently, the air vents in her house need to be taken into consideration before I try to sneak behind her back. I went into the basement, where the air temperature was naturally cool and comfortable, and the added AC made it feel amazing. I wanted to take a quick nap so I lit up a small bowl and settled in as wonderful AC streamed in through the air vent overhead. The air temperature was so cool and comfortable that I immediately fell asleep… Until she came pounding down the stairs screaming. Apparently, my attempts to seek out a cool, safe place to relax were foiled by the central heating and cooling system. As I blew out smoke, it quickly passed through the air vent overhead, through the ducts, and travelled directly into my mom’s office where she was working. I wish I didn’t have to try to be so sneaky that I have to worry about air conditioning systems. I’m a grown adult… Besides, it’s a legal substance here.


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