Somebody broke into our home by knocking down our window A/C unit

When I first got a couple of window A/C units for our house, I thought I was saving a lot of money by not having to invest in a central A/C.

  • After a few months, I realized our yearly bills were higher than ever.

I really wished that I had invested in a superb central A/C system, but then something silly happened. I typically had a terrible feeling about those window A/C units because they are in the windows. The windows can obviously not be shut all the way plus it wouldn’t be all that hard for somebody to split into our home. Well, one afternoon when I came from work, it finally happened. Somebody broke into our home through the windows by knocking down the window A/C unit in one of the windows. They took a bunch of stuff from our house, including both window A/C units. I was particularly disappointed, plus I ended up having to call the police to make a report. They told me that I really should have gone with a central A/C system because those window A/C units leave houses vulnerable to break-ins, then even though I was frustrated that our home had been broken into, I tried to look at the bright side of things. At least I was going to get a central A/C system plus I would be able to save more money on the yearly bills. I was mad though that I had to replace the windows, but I got quality windows that are almost impossible to break.

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