My parents stole the air conditioner from my room

I cannot believe that my parents stole the air conditioner from my room.

  • I paid for that air conditioner with my own money, and that means that the air conditioner was definitely mine.

However, since I know my parents, I am definitely not surprised that they stole the air conditioner from me. That is just the type of people that they are. Before I purchased my air conditioner, we only had two window air conditioners in the house. We had on window air conditioner in the living room. That window air conditioner was the first one, and it was the best one. Since I didn’t like going outside often, that window air conditioner kept me cool while I was inside. I loved that window air conditioner. The second window air conditioner that we bought was the window air conditioner that used to sit in my parent’s bedroom. Obviously, I did not expect them to let me have the second air conditioner, but I was surprised when they told me that if I wanted an air conditioner in my room, I would have to pay for the air conditioner myself. Well, I worked hard and earned enough money to buy the window air conditioner for my room. I loved that window air conditioner, and because of that air conditioner, I hardly ever left my room. However, one day, the air conditioner broke in my parent’s room. They didn’t have enough money to buy a new one, and they wouldn’t be able to buy one for a few weeks. Instead of waiting, they waited until I was at school and took the air conditioner out of my room. I was outraged, but there was nothing that I could do about it.


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