Instagram for AC?

I have to admit, I’m one of the few people on Earth who absolutely hates social media.

I am especially adverse to utilizing Instagram for anything.

I don’t enjoy strolling through people’s fake photos and seeing the lives that they’re pretending to have. I would much rather focus on my own life and pay attention to the things that are right in front of my face. Unfortunately, one of those things is my broken central cooling system. I am absolutely not a heating and cooling expert, but I could tell that my air conditioning unit was not working properly last week. I didn’t want to call out an emergency HVAC repair technician because I know that it will be extremely costly to pay for a full air conditioning revamp at this particular point in time. I thought that I should try to repair the heating and cooling system on my own, using the power of the internet to educate myself about air conditioning maintenance. Unfortunately, my internet search for HVAC repair rapidly led me back to Instagram. It turns out, people post a variety of things on the social media site these days, including Heating and Cooling advice. I quickly found DIY HVAC repair handles dedicated to teaching regular people how modern air quality control systems work in their homes. I found myself perusing the educational HVAC photos and detailed system information contained in the captions. The next thing I knew, I had fixed my central cooling system all on my own and I was writing into the DIY HVAC repair account to thank them for all of their hard work. Now, I’m on Instagram everyday learning about improving air quality and household appliances.

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