Brought car to dealership, let feeling hot headed

I’m in a bit of a pissy mood today and I can tell you exactly why.

  • For a few weeks now I’ve had a ridiculous program enabled on my car that prevents me from doing normal things like driving an appropriate speed limit, turning up the volume on my sound system, or adjusting the heating and cooling controls inside the cabin.

This supposed parental control system is meant to keep kids safe by reducing distractions while they’re driving. However, if you accidentally enable it you cannot turn it off. Now, I’ve been driving around for weeks with a stagnant indoor air temperature control system and other disabled features that I don’t appreciate. I’ve taken the car to the dealership twice so they could remove the thermostat hold off of my half-functional car. Both times, they’ve told me that it will cost me over $300 to disable the system so I can have working indoor air temperature control, speed control, and a stereo. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from the hot and cold folks at the dealership about why this air quality system control would be so difficult to disable in a modern car. It’s got me feeling pretty hot under the collar. I think I’m most upset that they act as if they’re doing me a favor by offering to turn off the dangerous air temperature control program. It’s not like I can viably drive around in the summer heat without being able to adjust my AC settings. I have no choice but to fork over the money or take my chances overheating in the summer heat and humidity.

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